Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lamy Joy

When choosing pens at Muller (the import store that I bought my Safari and this pen in) I opted for this pen instead of the Pelikan Style. I made a good choice, it seems, as this pen has become my favourite and a everyday user. The look of the pen is, as is customary with calligraphy pens, reminiscent of dip pens, and I'm sure the colleagues wouldn't be sure that it is a fountain pen. A pen enthusiast knows it's a fountain pen with just a quick look at the nib, which is marked with "Lamy" and "1.5". My pen has slight differences to the one on the picture; the small shiny black part on the end is red and the cap (cropped out of this picture) plastic an with a shiny red Safari-style metal clip. My pen is also shiny, not matt like the model on the picture. The nib is 1.5 mm, buttery smooth and offering a great variety of lines. I filled it with Lamy light blue ink which reacts nicely to the nib and allows me to use it for everyday writing. (only blue and green allowed at work) . In short, this is another great Lamy model and just more proof that Germans do it the best.

Comment: Just wish the nib was a bit smoother. My favourite fountain pen.

EDIT:On the picture is a Lamy Joy AL (aluminium), while I have a normal Lamy Joy.

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