Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lamy Joy

When choosing pens at Muller (the import store that I bought my Safari and this pen in) I opted for this pen instead of the Pelikan Style. I made a good choice, it seems, as this pen has become my favourite and a everyday user. The look of the pen is, as is customary with calligraphy pens, reminiscent of dip pens, and I'm sure the colleagues wouldn't be sure that it is a fountain pen. A pen enthusiast knows it's a fountain pen with just a quick look at the nib, which is marked with "Lamy" and "1.5". My pen has slight differences to the one on the picture; the small shiny black part on the end is red and the cap (cropped out of this picture) plastic an with a shiny red Safari-style metal clip. My pen is also shiny, not matt like the model on the picture. The nib is 1.5 mm, buttery smooth and offering a great variety of lines. I filled it with Lamy light blue ink which reacts nicely to the nib and allows me to use it for everyday writing. (only blue and green allowed at work) . In short, this is another great Lamy model and just more proof that Germans do it the best.

Comment: Just wish the nib was a bit smoother. My favourite fountain pen.

EDIT:On the picture is a Lamy Joy AL (aluminium), while I have a normal Lamy Joy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lamy Safari

This is my so far favourite non-calligraphy fountain pen. I bought in an German import store and I really like it. I have many reasons for my love of this pen, but the one that ultimately prevails is the buttery smooth nib. You can't even feel the paper! I filled mine with Lamy black ink (sadly from a cartridge, as I haven't laid hands or even seen a Lamy converter around here.). It is my 4th fountain pen and only the Lamy Joy calligraphy pen has beaten it in terms of enjoyment. Mine is completely black, black nib, and even black ink to go with it. The only thing I don't like is minor; the barrel can't be screwed on so that the LAMY marking on it is in alignment with the nib. Otherwise, this pen is perfect for a plastic pen. Remember: Rotring 600 takes the crown. Always.

Sum-up: 9.8
Comment: Beautiful pen for everyday writing and using.