Monday, December 28, 2009


Sorry for the long wait,I was busy. Today, I'm going to talk about the decline of fountain pens in everyday writing. Fountain pens were started for me when i got a Parker Jotter fountain pen, which I still use today with great pleasure. I really wonder why so many people use cheap, disposable ballpoint pens (I'm looking at you, BIC) which on the end toxicate some clean river or field. It seems to me that most people think of fountain pens as unreliable, leaking pens which make a mess wherever they are. Let me say this straight: fountain pens won't leak if you treat them respect, if you refill them with bottled ink they won't be unreliable and it's you making the mess, not the fountain pen. It seems to me that people have no respect to anything inanimated; no respect for objects, like a fountain pen or a mechanical watch. Nobody, except for those who understand that a fountain pen has to be cared for, will be able to write with one properly. This is not restricted to fountain pens, this is a plague everywhere. Lot of people have forgotten how to calculate in their head or on paper(I've seen that,too), and when they are asked, they say something along the lines of this:"Why do I need to calculate, when I have a calculator?"-. That's it for today, I'm exhausted. ~Electric pen

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